New bracket allows you to enjoy all your floorspace

These unique storage brackets allow you to turn your basement rafters into an organized, up and out of the way, storage area. This new gadget makes storage possible, like never before. The retractable brackets turn your basement into a huge, in home storage locker. Our patented design with spring retractable capability allow you to clear out your closets, garage, basement floor, and any cluttered space you own. No other product keeps everything separated, labeled and safely tucked away in your basement ceiling rafter like the RafterPacker will. NO more storage lockers, NO more clutter, NO more buying things you already have, and BEST for last, NO MORE MONTH-TO-MONTH storage fees. Our bracket will turn the most over crowded space into your new easy access storage shelving. The do it yourself homeowner will know every item he has packed because he has our brackets, filled his box, labeled the bottom with a picture and/or description of contents of box, stored it up and out of the way and presto!! He now has the work shop in his basement he always wanted. If your sewer backs up or you get a flooded basement, everything stored down there will be saved up up and out of the way . You can also use 14-inch-wide shelves as long as the room they are in. Simply use hangers approximately every thirty inches for the length of the shelf.  You can usually find boxes in your area to fit up in your rafters,just make sure they fit up in the rafter snug.   These retractable brackets put the closet organizer system to shame as far as cost goes.  Get started as soon as you can and you will be glad you did! These hangers (brackets) are a modern day marvel.   You are saving $$$ big dollars just in shelving that you didn't even know you had!!! We find new things everyday you can accomplish, It's never ending.  String 2x4s anywhere you desire. This is one amazing bracket.  For garages with drywall, you need 18 to 24 inch long bracket...Special order...


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