New bracket allows you get back all your floorspace

 Life can change in an instant, just like the motorcycle accident, that changed my life. I lost my leg and was forced to find another way to provide for my family.  I think we have what every homeowner in the world can use. Simple but effective hangers to help organize your home . These would be something like a closet organizer, only on a larger scale.  You can use these spring retractable hangers to get back all floor space in your basement and garage. See how nice they look.(see display)  Everything put up so nice and neat in normally unusable space for endless storage at home. You need to check these out.  you can even hang all your clothes on our clothes rod and place all other items neatly up in rafters(see display) in the basement or garage. They are so simple to install the do it yourself guy will smile.  Get 3 sets for 20 dollars, with a lifetime guarantee.    No more buying things you already have because you could not find it.  These hangers come in a set of two with hardware anda label.  No more storage locker. These hangers also support a 14 by 48 inch shelf for heavier odds and ends.  I wish you could see the smile on the homeowners when that box snaps in the rafter.(it's priceless) These steel spring retractable hangers are made to support 30 to 35 lbs.  Just think about how it's the perfect spot for all seasonal items tucked safely in your rafters until next year.   They also work for many other uses. We continue to find more uses for these hanger brackets.  A 1x4 or 2x4 fit inside hanger perfectly, and that was just luck.  We did not plan that. They could be called the all around bracket.  They are very inexpensive and effective little gadget.  I know once the word gets out I will get on my feet again. (LOL)  With a lifetime guarantee, don't you think they will work for you.  
you can see more at Just think of all the new storage space you have because of a simple hanger. You can get me in the game again and organize home at the same time and we will both be happy, I promise. See at and I have some gifts for online marketers.  See on display at  You can only get these online.  Call me Tim 314-853-6715.  They ship same day. We have been in business for over 30 years(SouthShore Marina)
Give us a try.   

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